From the early days of childhood, the memories of sausages or steaks cooking on the barbecue are stamped in many young Australian brains. The majority of the time for me it was over gas with the occasional roast on the Weber kettle over coals.

I can't recall the day I actually took the plunge into low and slow barbecue but I do remember running butterflied lamb on spit rotisseries before eventually picking up a pair of Weber kettles on eBay for $100. Armed with an 18" and 22" I began using heatbeads and the love of low and slow barbecue began. My barbecues multiplied, I shared a few and sold a couple as I upgraded my own collection to suit more so what I needed and not just wanted.

Over the years I have bought countless rubs and seasonings and experimented from time to time on my own while feeding plenty of hungry mouths. From humble chicken wings to the briskets and pork shoulders I've created a selection that brings meat to life and look forward to passing on the love and helping everyone else enjoy good food with their friends and family too!